Whether it's   Power






                     or any application which requires lubrication. 

  Perma Lubricators provide the perfect solution.


Singlepoint Lubrication Ltd is an authorised UK supplier of Perma lubrication systems. 


We can offer competitive discounts.


We supply:-


Ø      Single-point and multi-point lubricators.


Ø      Electro-mechanical and gas driven lubricators.


Ø       ATEX approved lubricators.


Ø      Cartridges filled with lubricant suited to specific application.


Ø      Cartridges filled with grease or oil from most lubrication companies.


Ø      All accessories and connecting parts.


v       We will provide a quote on any Perma product (no minimum order)



                                 For sales and product information contact us on :-

                                 Tel :  07948 371875    E mail :    sales@splltd.co.uk